New does not stem from nothing. Its potential is based on the old, but it reaches out into the future. New is located somewhere in between the existing and the future. Inventing new requires passion and creativity, but actualising it requires concrete means. Välitila – the space in between – is not a brand; it is not a starting point, nor an endpoint of anything. It is about making an idea come true; it is the enabler, the facilitator and the travel partner to all who wish to realise their vision.

Välitila Studio is a workshop for textile professionals in Helsinki. We offer a wide variety of equipment for different textile techniques.

How does it work?


1. Call, chat or visit us! 
•    Tell us more about your project so that we can tailor an offer to suit your needs. 

2. Create an account on our website!
•    You need an account to buy working hours and make reservations.
•    Click the icon in the top right corner of the web page to create your account.

3. Pay for working time on your shop page.

4. Start making reservations! 
•    Use the hours you purchased to make reservations on the Workshops and Reservations page.
•    First, select the device you want to reserve.
•    Set the calendar view to match the product you want to use: office hours for the office hours card and 24/7 for the 24/7 card.
•    Finally, click on the calendar for the hour you want to start your booking. The minimum slot for reservation is two hours. 
•    All bookings made will appear on your Account page.

5. Work at Välitila Studio!
•    Please note that the Terms and Conditions you have agreed upon when creating your account also apply to work at the workshop. (You can find the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.)

Come visit us at 11.6! If you want you can also try vat dyeing, tufting, textile printing, machine knitting and weaving with TC2 digital jacquard loom. You can book your turn at the event. There will be fun, drinks and snacks. Welcome at 14.00 to get to know the facilities, techniques and amazing people. Relaxed event!

Link to Facebook event:

Welcome Spring! Welcome to Välitila Studio’s open doors event!

Välitila hosts an open doors event on Saturday 11.6 at 14.00. You are welcome to get to know your colleagues and try out textile techniques with good company, food and drinks. Mark the date to your calendar and follow our facebook event from the link, we’ll add more info soon!

The online reservation system is now operational! Wuhuu!

You are most warmly welcome to join us in celebrating its opening!

PARTY PROGRAM 15.10 at 5 PM - 11 PM

- A remarkably official ribbon-cutting ceremony at about 7 PM
- Sparkling and snacks
- Music and good company

We kindly ask for an RSVP by 8.10.2021: here

Please come only if you have been vaccinated twice and are healthy.


We have gotten some inquiries about what kind of group is behind Välitila Studio. 

To be exact, Välitila Studio is a one-person company. (If you have been reading our posts previously, right about now, you must be like, 'whaat, all the posts are referring to we... Let me explain.)

The concept of a shared textile working space was initially born a few years ago between a group of people. Plan A was to create an association and build working facilities for the Helsinki area textile community. But the unfortunate truth is that it is extremely tough to get financing for the initial setting-up costs as an association. Grants of all sorts are reserved for projects, not for building the infrastructure for realising those projects.

So, to make it short, one person, me, took the entrepreneurial risk and started a company to realise the actual space. But the idea of a community has not gone anywhere. Without the help of so many wonderful people, I alone would have not built the workshop. And after the place opens, I alone won't have the resources to create any special content for it. 

Välitila - literally the space in between - is not a brand; its identity will become through its customers. Hence, it just does not feel right to use the first person. We is everyone who has painted, sewn, sawn, nailed, hammered, screwed, carried, assembled, dismantled, re-assembled, repaired, designed, coded, proofread, given ideas, tested, donated stuff, made coffee or helped in any other way. We is also everyone who will weave, knit, tuft, print, dye, sew, prototype, make art pieces, organise textile-related events, courses, or workshops at Välitila Studio or in some other way will benefit from or help develop the place further.  

In short, I created a company so that we can all make kick-ass textile things! 

Best Regards,