I and we

Released: 30.7.2021, 12:03


We have gotten some inquiries about what kind of group is behind Välitila Studio. 

To be exact, Välitila Studio is a one-person company. (If you have been reading our posts previously, right about now, you must be like, 'whaat, all the posts are referring to we... Let me explain.)

The concept of a shared textile working space was initially born a few years ago between a group of people. Plan A was to create an association and build working facilities for the Helsinki area textile community. But the unfortunate truth is that it is extremely tough to get financing for the initial setting-up costs as an association. Grants of all sorts are reserved for projects, not for building the infrastructure for realising those projects.

So, to make it short, one person, me, took the entrepreneurial risk and started a company to realise the actual space. But the idea of a community has not gone anywhere. Without the help of so many wonderful people, I alone would have not built the workshop. And after the place opens, I alone won't have the resources to create any special content for it. 

Välitila - literally the space in between - is not a brand; its identity will become through its customers. Hence, it just does not feel right to use the first person. We is everyone who has painted, sewn, sawn, nailed, hammered, screwed, carried, assembled, dismantled, re-assembled, repaired, designed, coded, proofread, given ideas, tested, donated stuff, made coffee or helped in any other way. We is also everyone who will weave, knit, tuft, print, dye, sew, prototype, make art pieces, organise textile-related events, courses, or workshops at Välitila Studio or in some other way will benefit from or help develop the place further.  

In short, I created a company so that we can all make kick-ass textile things! 

Best Regards,