Valid from 1.8.2021

Bottom line: Using our Services means that you accept these Terms. 

1.1    Welcome to Välitila Oy's (from now on, 'Välitila' or 'we') online service.
1.2    The user is advised to read these Terms of Use (the "Terms") carefully before using our services. 
1.3    "Services" means our website, our online service and the use of our physical workshop space. 
1.4    "Online Service" means those sections of the www.valitilastudio.org website (from now on, "Website") that require registration.
1.5    “Workshop” means Välitila Oy's premises called Välitila Studio at Laippatie 15, 00880 Helsinki.
1.6    Use of the Services is an indication that the user accepts the current Terms and undertakes to comply with them.
1.7    These Terms constitute an agreement between the Service user and Välitila Studio and define the rights and obligations of both parties. 

Välitila Studio
Company: Välitila Oy, FI31900618 
Address: Laippatie 15, 00880 Helsinki
Phone: 050 360 76 40
Email: moi@valitilastudio.org

Bottom line: We collect only the most necessary personal information

3.1    No information about the user is collected through the mere use of the Website.
3.2    The reservation of workshop facilities and equipment at Välitila Studio (from now on, 'Workshop') requires registration with the Online Service, in connection with which only the information necessary for the Service is collected from the user.
3.3    Access keys (see section 6.6 of the Terms and Conditions) are personal, and a register of their holders is maintained, in which only the most necessary information for the Service is collected. Personal data will be deleted from the register two (2) weeks after the return of the access keys.
3.4    Välitila processes the personal data concerning the Service user obtained through the Online service or collected by other means, for example, in the access key register, in the manner permitted and required by the personal data legislation in force at the time.
3.5    The Välitila Studio Workshop premises are equipped with fixed cameras exclusively for security purposes. Customers' work is never monitored or recorded via these cameras, and they are only activated in the event of an alarm.


4.1    The 'Online service' refers to those sections of the www.valitilastudio.org website that require a login.
4.2    These Terms and Conditions apply to all actions of the user of the Online Service (from now on the User) regardless of the device used to access the Online Service.
4.3    Use of the online service is only permitted under the current Terms and Conditions and applicable Finnish legislation and good practice.

4.4    Cookies
Bottom line: We use only functionally necessary cookies

4.4.1    We use only functionally necessary cookies in our Website and the Online Service 
4.4.2    No information related to the User's device or the use of the Website is collected via the mere ose of the Website. 
4.4.3    We give out only the most necessary information of the user to third parties, e.g., related to the payment. 

4.5    Registration
Bottom line: The User is responsible for all Online Service transactions under the User's ID. 
4.5.1    Use of the Online Service requires User Registration.
4.5.2    In principle, registration is only allowed for natural persons, but Välitila reserves the right also to allow registration for legal persons. 
4.5.3    When registering as a User of the online service, the User must provide correct personal information. 
4.5.4    Upon registration, the User is required to give their e-mail address and to choose a password. The User is responsible for the careful storage and confidentiality of the password and is responsible for all transactions under the user ID in the online service.
4.6    User Rights and Restrictions
Bottom line: The Online Service should only be used following good practice.

4.6.1    The User has the right to use the Online Service and its content only under these Terms and Conditions and any separate terms and instructions provided in the service.
4.6.2    The User may not interrupt or interfere with the operation of the Online Service or the ability of other Users to use the Online Service in any way.
4.6.3    The User may not use the Online Service to store or collect other Users' personal data, transmit spam or the like, or for any other action contrary to Finnish law or good practice.
4.6.4    If the User has acted in violation of these Terms, laws or good manners, Välitila has the right to suspend or completely block the User's access to the Online Service.
4.6.5    The online service and its content are the property of Välitila or its partners.
4.6.6    The User may not modify or copy the content of the Website. However, the User has the right to take a printout or copy of the content of the service or save a copy on their own device.

4.7    Limitations on Interim Liability
Bottom line: Välitila is not liable for any damages resulting from the Online Service.

4.7.1    We aim to keep the Online Service available continuously and without interruption but can not guarantee that the Service is always available to the User without interruption or error.
4.7.2    The Online Service and its operation may depend on the compatibility of the devices used, network connections, and content formats.
4.7.3    Välitila intends to operate in the best possible way but cannot guarantee the security of the Online Service, nor is it responsible for ensuring that notices or messages sent via the Online Service do not contain harmful elements.
4.7.4    The Online Service may contain links to websites owned and operated by third parties, which you use at your own risk. Välitila is not responsible for the accuracy or security of the linked pages in any way.
4.7.5    Välitila is entitled at any time to modify or change the Website, the Online Service or their content, such as products or prices, without prior notice or liability. 

5.1    Payment Service Provider
Company: Verifone Finland Oy
Business ID: 0943819-9
Address: Keskuskatu 1 A, 00100 Helsinki
Customer service: 020-7535192
5.2    Verifone Finland Oy is a payment institution licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Payment transactions are executed in Verifone Finland Oy's secure, secure payment environment.
5.3    Verifone Finland Oy is shown as the recipient of the most common online banking, card and other payments on the account statement and possible card invoices, which forwards the payments to the merchant. With regard to other payment methods, Verifone Finland Oy acts as an intermediary for payment transaction information, in which case Välitila Oy appears as the recipient of the payment.


6.1.1    Reservation of Workshop space and equipment (from now on, 'Reservation') means all table, equipment or workspace reservations made by the User through the Online Service or by other means.
6.1.2    The User has the right to make Reservations only under these Terms and Conditions and any additional instructions provided separately in the Service.
6.1.3    Reservations should only be made following good practice and only in accordance with real needs. Cancellations must be made without delay. 
6.1.4    Välitila reserves the right to set permanent or temporary machine/equipment-specific booking time maximums.

6.2    Cancellation policy
Bottom line: We do not reimburse cancelled Reservations in cash.

6.2.1    Any Reservation must be cancelled no later than three (3) full days before the booked time.
6.2.2    Välitila does not reimburse the cancelled Reservation in cash, but the number of hours paid can be used to make a new Reservation. 
6.2.3    A Reservation cancelled later than three (3) days before the booked time will be charged at full price.

7.1    'Workshop' refers to the physical premises and working facilities called Välitila Studio at Laippatie 15, 00880 Helsinki
7.2    The user of the Workshop, i.e. the customer (from now on, Customer), has the right to use the Workshop only in accordance with these Terms, any other separately issued conditions and instructions, good manners and the law.
7.3    Any activity other than proper and appropriate work on the premises requires a separate agreement with the staff.
7.4    The customer must not interrupt or disturb the operation of the workshop space or the possibility of other people using the workshop facilities in any way.
7.5    Välitila has no political or religious commitments. Välitila is an area free from all forms of discrimination, and everyone working in the Workshop is committed to combating discrimination, tackling it and recognizing the equality of all people.
7.6    Access keys
Bottom line: The customer is personally liable for the access keys in their possession.

7.6.1    The keys, access tokens and codes related to access to the Workshop premises (from now on Access Keys) are personal.
7.6.2    Access keys should never be handed over to a third party.
7.6.3    The customer is responsible for the careful storage and confidentiality of the access keys and is responsible for all transactions with their access keys in the Workshop premises.
7.6.4    Välitila shall provide the Access Keys to the Customer for the period specified in the description of the service type purchased by the Customer.
7.6.5    Staff must be notified immediately of a lost Access Key or a leaked code to a third party.
7.6.6    The Customer will be charged for a lost or broken Access Key following the price list in force at the time.
7.6.7    Välitila has the right to temporarily freeze or completely block the customer's Access Keys. 
7.6.8    The Access Keys are personal. We do not track access, but in unclear situations we can identify each access tag usage afterwards. Traffic information is only saved periodically.

7.7    Workshop practices 
Bottom line: The use of the Workshop is only allowed after introduction and following good practices. 

7.7.1    Before the first use of any equipment, the Customer must get an introduction to the equipment in question. The use of any equipment or facilities is prohibited without an introduction.
7.7.2    Välitila aims to provide the Customer with comprehensive instructions for safe operation in the Workshop and instructions for using the equipment.
7.7.3    After finished working, used equipment and all traces of work must be cleaned. Equipment, tools or premises that have not been cleaned will lead to a cleaning bill in accordance with the price list in force at the time.
7.7.4    We sell some materials such as fabrics, yarns, dyes and auxiliary chemicals. The customer pays for the materials according to the use, following the price list in force at the time and under any other separate instructions.
7.7.5    The Customer is permitted to bring their own textile materials (e.g. fabrics and yarns) and small tools. Bringing large or electric tools or other equipment or any chemicals or other substances into the workshop premises requires prior permission from the staff. The permit may require the safety data sheet to be provided to staff in advance.
7.7.6    Upon completing the work, the Customer undertakes to carefully ensure that all electrical equipment is switched off and the water supplies are closed. At the last exit, the Customer must ensure that the windows are closed, the doors are locked, and the alarm is activated.
7.7.7    Misconduct or repeated or heavy negligence will result in a termination of the Customer relationship immediately.
7.8    Limitation of Liability for the Use of Workshops
Bottom line: The client is responsible for their own work and materials. 
7.8.1    The customer is responsible for their own work and insurances in the event of accidents.
7.8.2    Välitila is not liable for any damage that may occur to the Customer's work, materials or equipment.
7.8.3    The Customer is responsible for the equipment they use (does not apply to normal wear and tear) and may be held liable for any damage to the machines or other equipment.
7.8.4    Broken equipment and machinery must be reported to staff immediately.
7.8.5    Intentional or aggravated abuse or vandalism will always be reported to the police.
7.9    Immaterial Property in Workshops
Bottom line: All intellectual property rights belong to the author. 

7.9.1    The customer undertakes to respect other customers’ privacy and the immaterial property rights of the works, such as copyright.
7.9.2    Without the consent of all parties involved, the documentation of others or the work of others in the Workshop is prohibited. 
7.9.3    The customer is allowed to document their own work but is responsible for ensuring that no one else's work is included. If necessary, the Customer must negotiate the matter with all parties concerned.
7.9.4    Violation of the privacy of another working in the Workshop, for example, photographing the work of another without permission, may result in termination of the Customer relationship or other sanctions by Välitila. 
7.9.5    We aim to support the privacy of the Customers' work but cannot guarantee confidentiality and are not liable for any direct or indirect infringement of the Customers' intellectual property rights.
7.10    Changes to the Services or Workshop
Bottom line: There may be interruptions and changes to the service that are not reimbursed in cash.

7.10.1    Välitila seeks to avoid causing changes to the Customer's bookings but cannot guarantee the uninterrupted or timely operation of the Workshop or its machinery and equipment.
7.10.2    The intermediate space shall endeavour to notify in good time about any interruptions in the use of the equipment, for example, due to maintenance work. The aim is to report interruptions in the online service and the Customers who have already booked the device in question by e-mail.
7.10.3    We do not reimburse a cancelled reservation in cash, but the number of hours paid can be used for a new booking.
7.10.4    For exceptional situations, Välitila reserves the right to make changes to the Workshop, to its service, products or prices at any time without prior notice or liability other than compensation under Section 6.10.3 of these Terms.

Bottom line: We will notify you about any changes to these Terms.
8.1    Välitila reserves the right to change these Terms at its discretion by notifying its customers via the Online Service or to a phone number or e-mail address provided by the Customer. Changes to the Terms will be effective upon notice. Use of the Online Service after the moment of notification is considered as an indication that the User accepts the new Terms.
8.2    Välitila may send the User/Customer messages concerning Välitila's services to the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the User. Messages are considered received three (3) days after transmission.

9.1    Finnish law applies to the use of our services and these Terms.
9.2    In the event of a dispute, the parties shall primarily settle the dispute through negotiations. The language of the conference shall be Finnish or English.
9.3    If no amicable settlement is reached, the disputes will be settled in the Helsinki District Court in Finland. The language of the conference shall be Finnish or English.