How does it work?

Always get in touch well in advance to set up a customised project, such as a course or workshop.

Here's how to make basic bookings:

1. Create an account.

  • You need an account to purchase products and make reservations.
  • Get started by clicking the icon in the right upper corner.

2. Purchase working time.

  • On the Shop page, you may purchase the product that best suits your needs. The product will include a certain amount of working hours.

3. Make a reservation.

  • On the Workshop and reservations page, you can explore our facilities and see each machine’s availability
  • First, choose the device you wish to book.
  • Second, set the calendar view to match the product you want to use: Office Hours for the Office Hours card and 24/7 for the 24/7 card.
  • And finally, click on a calendar hour to make a booking. All bookings are a minimum of two hours.
  • All successfully completed bookings will show on your Account page.

4. Get in contact if necessary. In some cases, you may need to contact Välitila staff the latest after this point to set final details. Examples of such cases are:

  • When you reserve a machine for the first time, an introduction is always required. It can be scheduled as the first thing on the day of the reservation or on a different date.
  • If you have a longer project and wish to have a piece of equipment solely for yourself for several days in a row.
  • Purchasing a 24/7 7 ACCES card always requires you to schedule a meeting to get your locker and keys. And first-timers will also get an introduction to the space and practicalities.

5. Work at Välitila Studio’s workshop!

  • Please note that the Terms of Use you have agreed to when creating your account also apply to working practicalities at the studio space. (You can find them through the link at the bottom of the web page).

6. Pay materials

  • Visit the Materials page to explore our material selection (& their stock status) and pay different costs. Material costs and printing fees are also paid on this page after working and according to use.
  • Please, make payments by the end of your working day.